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2022-06-15 13:14:38 By : Ms. Justin Chan

May 19, 2022 |  By Sam Anderson

You may have heard of a glass house on a hill — what about a glass house on wheels? That’s what Colorado overland builder Rossmönster delivers in its newest small truck camper.

The Lagom Series’ folding shell gives you full access to your truck bed (and the space above it). And its four-season shelter promises floor-to-ceiling views.

Oh, yeah — it’s also comparatively cheap and addresses a key car camping demographic that can go overlooked.

The Lagom’s hardshell design with aluminum components helps it fold down to a low profile. It addresses a product segment that Rossmönster’s previous designs omitted: small trucks.

The bigger Baja is the brand’s flagship overland rig, based on large trucks, with a starting price of $175k. But the company changed its tune when it identified a “large demand” for simpler and smaller truck campers that could fit on ¼-ton trucks like the Tacoma and the Gladiator, with a correspondingly lower price tag.

The Lagom Series aims to fill the gap. Its three options are more compact, rudimentary, and much less expensive than the rest of the brand’s camper and van lineup.

Per Rossmönster, Lagom is a Swedish concept that means “just the right amount.” Thus, the namesake truck camper features are tight and elemental.

The MSRP $14,000 Base model comes with a full-size mattress, window covers, and upholstered wall panels.

Spend $3,000 more, and you get the slightly more posh Base Plus. It adds dimmable LED canopy lights, a fan from MaxxAir, a Yeti 1500 Goal Zero power system with AC and DC plugs, and a solar system with a capacity of up to 200 watts.

You can add the Expedition Package to either the Base or Base Plus for $4,000. With it, you get a ladder, custom Molle panels to stay organized, roof rails for storage, and an LED light bar.

Anyone who’s dug into truck camper options can relate to the struggle of how to fill (or not fill) the bed space. With small pickups, storage space can be precious. The Rossmönster Lagom Series can help you leave your cargo options open and facilitate a tidy shelter.

According to Rossmönster, you can even uninstall the glass or the floor to get even more fresh air or cargo space.

“One of the most exciting parts of our job is that we get to create products inspired by the rigs that our team dreams of, simply because they are something we ourselves would want to use,” said Ross Williamson, Rossmönster Overland owner and co-founder.

“The Lagom Series is particularly exciting to me because I love the functionality. Not only is the Lagom a sweet adventure rig, but it is still a daily driver w/ full usability of the bed of the truck.”

The Lagom Series will be available soon. To reserve one for delivery in fall 2022, lock in your spot with a $500 deposit on Rossmönster Overland’s website. A team member will take it from there, ensuring that your truck will work with the system and fielding any questions.

Current compatibility includes some Toyota Tacomas, Ford F150s, and Jeep Gladiators. Builds for more trucks, the company said, are in the works. The installation will occur at its Longmont, Colo., facility or via shipping and self-install options.

Finally, you can even rent a Lagom if you’re not ready to drop the cash or if you’re on a shorter adventure timeline. Check out the Rossmönster rentals page for more details.

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